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CLM Fireproofing are the UK's leading specialists in passive fireproofing for major commercial and industrial projects. Our team of experts understand the unique requirements of commercial and industrial fire protection projects, from project scoping and service design to delivery. We are also experts in regulatory compliance, liaising with commercial managers, surveyors, vendors and site teams to maintain the highest standards throughout the entirety of any project.

Fire Protection for Industrial Buildings

Industrial fire protection often requires expansive long-term projects, so that all works are fully compliant with industry standards and regulations. Our team of specialists are highly skilled in planning and collaboration, working with on-site teams to secure the best possible delivery outcome. With our in-depth knowledge of passive fire protection systems, we can bring projects to a swift completion without needing to compromise on either quality or compliance.

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    Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

    Industrial fire protection poses a range of distinct risks, depending on both the age and design of the building. Historical industrial projects, for example, have been known to contain high-risk foreign substances such as lead or asbestos. As well as this, commercial and industrial fire protection often involves extended periods of working from height.

    CLM Fireproofing is a passive fire protection industry leader, with experience in risk management, project delivery and technical installations. We have the experience to adhere to various project specifications and strict building codes, and a commitment to going the extra mile for our clients. All systems are built using the highest quality construction materials, and designed in accordance with 3rd party accreditation requirements, BS or EN standards, and guidance provided by the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP).

    Commercial Fireproofing Projects

    CLM Fireproofing have acted as a trusted third-party installer on a variety of major projects, including some of London’s most iconic buildings. For example, we provided fully-compliant fire stopping for service penetrations throughout The Shard, which was crucial for regulatory compliance. We also applied intumescent paint on various surfaces in Battersea Power Station, which entailed using specialist grit blasting for surface preparation.

    Our services include intumescent coatings, spray fireproofing, compartmentation and cavity barriers as well as restorative works such as boarding, drylining and blasting. We are adept at delivering services that meet the varied and nuanced requirements of specific sectors, including education, healthcare, aviation and the public sector.

    We are experienced in collaborating with site teams to fill specialist skill and knowledge gaps, helping to bring passive fire protection projects to full compliance. View our case studies for examples of our industry-leading passive fire protection services.

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