Cavity Barriers and Acoustic Sealing

CLM Fireproofing are the UK’s leading passive fire protection specialists, specialising in the inspection and installation of cavity barriers and acoustic seals. Operating across a range of sectors, we work with clients to implement quality passive fire protection systems, in full compliance with building regulations and industry standards.

Compartmentation Specialists

In the event of a fire, gaps between walls and floors can create ‘air buoyancy’, a push-and-pull effect caused by differences in air temperature. This can enable the rapid spread of smoke and flames between compartment walls and floors. Cavity barriers are made from fire-resistant or intumescent materials, making them an effective smoke control solution. CLM Fireproofing can be trusted to provide cavity barrier installation as part of a robust, fully compliant compartmentation strategy.

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    Cavity Barrier Inspections

    Cavity barriers are often incorporated into the construction of a new building. With older buildings, however, there are likely structural elements that do not comply with best practice requirements.

    Our team is highly skilled in assessing passive fire protection systems and installations, including cavity barriers. Following an initial inspection, we will ensure that our clients’ construction projects are fully equipped to limit the spread of flames and smoke and adhere fully to regulations surrounding structural fire protection.

    Acoustic Barriers and Seals

    CLM Fireproofing offers acoustic sealing systems from a range of high-quality passive fire protection measures. As well as enhanced acoustic protection, clients can expect various additional benefits for their construction projects such as enhanced sound reduction capabilities and waterproofing.

    Having worked in the passive fire protection industry for 34 years, we can draw upon a wide network of manufacturers, vendors and suppliers. We are also accredited members of the Associated for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP). Clients can therefore be confident in the range of products and building materials used by our specialist team.

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