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Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

CLM Fireproofing employs a team of dedicated specialists, with many years of collective industry experience. While each member of our team has a unique skillset, they are united in their commitment to delivering fire protection services of an exceptional standard.

C Suite Team

Founder & Chairman

Clive Miles

As an ASFP member and leader on industry think tanks, I personally drive industry best practice, ensure compliance and champion innovation; identifying and implementing new processes and technology to increase efficiency and deliver service excellence to our customers.

Group Chief Executive Officer

Tom Gilbert

As well as driving the groups overall vision, Tom works with the team to develop our existing clients and introduce new ones whilst also identifying and developing new service offerings. He will also utilise his extensive network to promote CLM as the UK’s leading passive fire protection contractor.

Executive Director

David Miles

For the last 33 years, David ensures the smooth running of every project and manages all aspects of CLM’s contracts. He ensures CLM invests in innovative new technology, as well as learning and development opportunities for all members of staff.

Executive Director

David Billinghurst

David delivers consistent long-term growth for CLM Fireproofing, whilst maintaining high levels of client care. He oversees changes to operational processes and executive management, whilst keeping abreast of the latest technological developments.

Executive Director

Mark Taylor

Mark’s role involves designing and implementing CLM Fireproofing’s long-term growth development strategy and developing new tools and processes to empower the company and its employees, as well as supercharging the brand exposure in the marketplace.

Group Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Tough

Stephen has a critical role in the strategic leadership, risk management operations and financial stability of CLM. Stephen leads the Finance team, applying considerable construction finance directorial experience, having both technical expertise and business acumen alongside strong analytical skills.


We take ownership of fire protection systems to guarantee compliance and deliver projects to the highest possible standards.

Every CLM project is delivered by a team of specialist installers and underpinned by BORIS, our compliance technology platform. CLM Fireproofing are committed to enhancing industry standards, delivering continuous improvements in efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

Our Culture

Our culture is one of investing in and championing our people; providing them with the opportunity to grow and develop in their role. At every level, our team attrition levels are low, promotion and achievements high and we constantly strive for better – always going the extra mile for our clients and colleagues, we inspire each other to drive a can-do attitude and total commitment to delivering high quality workmanship and service excellence.

People Focussed

Everything we do is for the benefit of our employees and clients. This means we work to uphold high standards of craftsmanship and customer service. People are central to our business.

Accountable and Compliant

We maintain compliance with the latest health and safety regulations. Promoting a transparent, supportive and accountable culture.

Creating Opportunities

We remain proactive in identifying new areas of improvement, promoting and recruiting the best people to maximise opportunity for all.

Proud and Professional

We’re the UK’s leading provider of passive fire protection because we take pride in our work. A professional business that delivers real value and opportunity for all.

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FIRAS Approved Contractors

Over the 35 years, CLM Fireproofing has shown an outstanding commitment to fire protection best practice, compliance, and client satisfaction. We have been rewarded for this commitment with a FIRAS accreditation, a testament to the quality of our installation work and customer service. We work to maintain our position as leaders in the industry, continually investing in new fire protection products and enhancing our service delivery.

What is FIRAS Accreditation?

FIRAS accreditation is a third party certification scheme for active and passive fire protection companies can gain third party certification via the FIRAS accreditation scheme. The scheme has worked to actively improve compliance and installation standards since 1994. This assures clients whilst also improving processes within the construction industry. Requirements for FIRAS accreditations were developed in consultation with a number of regulatory bodies, including the Association of Specialist Fire Protection.

FIRAS-certified companies must conduct regular audits, showing that all installers, supervisors and technicians are not only competent in their respective fields but that their work remains 100% compliant. CLM Fireproofing are proactive in identifying areas of improvement, regularly carrying out internal audits with ‘destructive testing’. Operatives are also regularly assessed by FIRAS inspectors, which can include inspections of their installation work. This ensures that every aspect of their passive fire protection systems are of the highest possible quality.

The FIRAS Accreditation register

The FIRAS register contains the details of all certified fire protection companies, as required by the FIRAS scheme. These companies are subject to regular accreditation checks, to ensure that they remain compliant with industry standards. Companies on this register are approved by several trade associations, assuring clients that they will maintain the highest standards of installation and practical competence.

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Our services

Fire Compliance Plus

Fire Compliance Plus provides impartial, client-focused consulting on all matters related to fire protection compliance.

The fireproofing industry is undergoing a period of significant change, with increased legislation for developers and managers to adhere to. Fire Compliance Plus works to make sure all installers, practitioners and specialists are operating in full compliance with the latest regulatory standards.

Our compliance management services help organisations avoid the serious issues arising from non-adherence with fire safety regulations. Upon the completion of a fire risk assessment, we work closely with all of our clients throughout the design and build process, resulting in processes that assure clients of their building’s safety and compliance.

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Fire Protection Design Guidance

Bespoke advice on fire stopping best practice, including installer recommendations, product specs and assistance with practical installations

Fire Engineering

Our fire engineering experts protect people, buildings, businesses and the environment with a unique blend of science and practical experience

Fire Protection Consultancy

Specialist on-site training, product demonstrations, and awareness sessions on fire protection compliance and best practice

Fire Protection Validation Services

Independent validations of passive fire protection products, systems and audits for impartial third-party validation.

In order to comprehensively assess and improve the fireproofing measures of organisations, we follow a clear process which is fully documented at every stage using BORIS, our innovative compliance software.

  • Engagement
  • Compliance Review
  • Product and System Install
  • Review
  • Project Delivery
  • Full Project Handover

Recorded evidence of compliant and non-compliant installations

Correct use of intumescent graphite

Correctly applied intumescent mastic

Correctly installed pipe collar

Incorrect use of intumescent graphite

Incorrectly installed pipe collar

Correctly installed pipe collar

Responsible Contractor

Responsibility underpins everything we do at CLM Fireproofing. Alongside providing clients with first-rate fire protection safety services, we are dedicated to serving the communities we are part of. This includes keeping our own committed workforce safe from danger, supporting various local projects, and doing everything possible to lessen our impact on the environment.

Workplace Health
& Safety

We apply the same level of care and attention to our own safety as that of our clients. CLM Fireproofing is an industry-leader in terms of providing the most secure health and safety measures for our frontline workers, enabling them to carry out their duties in the safest environment possible. Aside from taking all measures to protect workers from physical risks, we also place a strong emphasis on mental wellbeing at work.

Social Value &
Community Investment

CLM are committed to delivering social value initiatives that are meaningful, purposeful, viable and directly help meet the needs of local communities. We strive to make a strong societal impact by directing available resources and are proud to have partnered with our Clients on delivering social value successes.

Over the last 3 – years the passive fire protection industry has undergone serious reform, including the requirement to deliver ‘real’ and ‘meaningful’ social value (SV). CLM commit to directly delivering tangible SV outcomes and to position ourselves to meet these commitments CLM have accelerated our SV focus and investment. We have engaged a specialist Social Value Consultant, invested in and launched the CLM employment & training scheme, which is specifically aligned to employing people with perceived barriers into the workplace, geographically local to relevant projects with our partners and we continue to develop our social value partnership initiatives in line with our clients corporate SV strategies.


Providing real, long-term opportunities for local people. Employment, Apprenticeships, Training and Wok Placements.


Supporting local community initiatives. Community engagement involving residents, supporting charities, schools and community centres. Supporting a healthier community and promoting staff well-being.


Maximising local staff and offering local work to reduce our carbon footprint and helping improve public spaces

Testimonials/Case Study Spotlights

“It was a pleasure working with the team and we are extremely grateful for their support.”

The CLM Team volunteered at Henry Fawcett School after matching on the @Hyde Group portal #MatchMyProject. We relocated the school library, setup furniture, categorised and displayed all the children’s books and supplies. Access to the library for all 260 pupils was previously inaccessible and in an unheated space in the school. The children were unable to have regular and comfortable access to the books to support their love of reading and phonics development. We also provided soft furnishings and additional décor to make the space comfortable and exciting for the children to spend time and read in.


“Very prompt responses and really lovely members of CLM who attended site and installed the computer. Very professional company and the computer and printer was exactly what we asked for.”

CLM donated a brand new state of the art PC and Printer for Britannia Court aged care scheme in Chichester. Our IT Technician attended site, installed and gave basic use training to benefit the 65 residents who may not be able to afford to buy a PC themselves. Residents that have never used a PC could experience the benefits of the digital world and be able to use different digital platforms.


“CLM work at the scheme and the result has been outstanding. We now have a new patio area that not only looks good but greatly improves the look of the entrance to the communal lounge and is now also fully accessible for all of our residents.”

The requirement of the project was to provide the materials and practical skills to turn a grassed area into a patio area that would be more suitable for the resident’s needs. Using our internal workforce’s additional skills, we were able to secure appropriately trained resource and source materials to design and deliver the required outcomes.


CLM participated in the ‘Sponsor a Christmas Tree’ campaign and partnered with The Boury Academy.

We provided and delivered a 10 foot Christmas Tree allowing 750 performers at the Academy to enjoy Christmas Cheer. The Studios a safe, warm and welcoming place to be. By helping us to bring festive cheer we hope that it is somewhere even more welcoming and friendly for our community to be at during the school holidays.

Amazing Christmas tree delivered in time for Christmas and the Young Peoples show. A huge thank you for bringing Christmas Cheer to the young people and families at The Boury Academy!


The Pink Tie Club is formed of 10 companies of different disciplines involved in the construction industry, with a simple mission "to support each other and try to help those who are less fortunate".

We have raised £400,000 so far through hosting charity events and fundraisers. Clive Miles, our CEO, is a founding member.


Environmental & Sustainability Commitments

CLM are fully conversant and committed to ensuring adherence to legislation and regulations aimed at minimising the impact of our activities to the environment and ensuring sustainability. Every member of the CLM Team undertakes an induction program and 6-month refresher training modules on CLM’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy. Project specific training is delivered to all on-site teams prior to any works commencing to support CLM trajectory towards Net Zero Carbon by 2050.


  • Maximising local staff and offering local work to reduce our carbon footprint and helping improve publix spaces


  • CLM are a registered  upper tier waste carrier and dealer by the Environment Agency Regulation Authority – certificate number CBDU159517
  • Zero waste goes directly to landfill.
  • All waste will go to a recycling or recovery plant to extract maximum value possible.
  • Only leftovers will go to landfill.

BIM-Green Building

  • CLM operates to BIM Level 2+
  • Working closely with clients during pre-construction and remedial works, providing maximum resource efficiency.
  • Reduces construction waste and products required.
  • Any possibility of impaired firestopping integrity mitigated before works commence.
  • Every service penetration evaluated uniquely, acknowledging potential design or on-site constraints.
  • Ensures works are auditable, transparent and accessible.
  • CLM compliant with the golden thread, from BIM in predesign to digital record-keeping of all site activity.

Electric Fleet

  • We’re continually looking to lessen our impact on the environment, finding more sustainable ways to provide the gold-standard of fireproofing services expected of us
  • Plans are underway to make at least 50% of our van fleet electric or hybrid by the end of 2025. This investment in electric vehicle infrastructure aligns fully with Guinness’ aim to have all fleet and contractors hold zero carbon fleet by 2030.

Plastic Consumption

  • CLM have many sustainability targets throughout the year. The biggest success in 2020 was introducing foil instead of plastic mastic tubes. This dramatically reduced our plastic consumption by 500,000 units/year and has significantly helped to lower our carbon footprint.


  • CLM ensure our Suppliers Environmental and Sustainability policies mirror our own company objectives including:
  • A declaration of banned substances from each supplier. This outlines the products are developed and tested to meet the highest UK/European requirements to ensure there are no banned substances.
  • Manufacturing processes that are ISO9001. This proves quality standards but    also takes into account energy efficiencies within production.
  • Product life expectancy that exceed those of current legislation.
  • CE marking which further cements the above.

Aspects and Impacts Register

  • CLM also have an “Aspects and Impacts Register” – reviewed 6 monthly by senior leaders of business to evaluate and monitor any foreseeable environmental risks.

CLM’s Strategy

  • Part of the CLM strategy for environmental and sustainability development is planning for the future and we will continue to work with Clients to align our goals and deliver a target number of initiatives which will have a positive effect on the wider communities we work within.

CLM have passed accreditation checks in Environmental Management for CHAS, Constructionline Gold, Achilles and SafeContractor.

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