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CLM Fireproofing have over 35 years of experience in the fire protection industry, specialising in the inspection, repair, maintenance and installation of fire doors. Working across a wide range of sectors, we employ an expert team of FIRAS-certified fire door installers with a reputation for quality. Our specialists will work swiftly and professionally to ensure fire doors are fully compliant with the latest fire safety regulations and industry standards.

Fire Doors and Compartmentation

Fire doors are integral to any passive fire protection and compartmentation strategy in both residential and commercial buildings. As well as providing a crucial means of escape, they protect occupants against the spread of smoke and fire. However, despite fire doors being one of the critical components of a fire protection strategy, they are frequently misused. This reinforces the need for regular maintenance and periodical inspections, to ensure that their condition adheres to all current fire safety legislation requirements.

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Compliance with Fire Door Regulations

Every component of a fire door is subject to regulation under Fire Safety: Approved Document B and following incorporations. One of the most important requirements in the UK, for instance, is that fire doors have a resistance time of 30 minutes or higher. For more specific information regarding fire door regulations, consult our article ‘What are Fire Doors and How do They Work?

CLM Fireproofing are thought-leaders in fire protection for the construction industry. We’re committed to sharing knowledge to ensure correct installation and maintenance, giving clients peace of mind as they navigate the journey towards compliance. We know what it takes to adhere to safety measures, industry regulations and legal requirements whilst delivering projects of the highest quality.

Fire Door Inspection and Remediation

Remedial works are an effective way to guarantee compliance whilst reducing costs associated with replacement. Our team will inspect your fire doors for signs of damage, including holes, misalignment or material degradation and also check that the ironmongery fitted to the door is fully adherent to the correct standards. We act as a trusted independent body, carrying out impartial risk surveys with a rigorous understanding of building regulations and industry best practice.

We will then compile an inspection report including costs before carrying out all the necessary repairs to achieve fire door compliance. We aim to provide the best service and value for our clients, therefore fire door remediation will always be our first port of call. We will only recommend that damaged doors be replaced when absolutely necessary for compliance with safety standards.

Mobile Fire Door Maintenance and Repairs

CLM Fireproofing has its own dedicated van, which is utilised for response callouts for fire door maintenance and repairs. This van acts as a mobile workshop for commercial projects and contains all the materials needed to fix and install fire doors as well as a range of finishes.


We offer a flexible ‘one-stop’ fire door installation service. Our team will arrive on-site before carrying out all required work in the confines of our van. Then, following a quick and fully compliant installation, we will remove all waste so the site is left just as it was before we arrived. Clients will receive a high-quality service, whilst being assured that tenants or occupants will not be disturbed by fire door repairs, maintenance or installation.

Intumescent Fireproofing Specialists

Intumescent strip fitting is key to curtailing the spread of smoke and fire. This involves placing a seal around a fire door that expands when exposed to heat. When combined with cold smoke seals, intumescent seals are a vital means of defence, usually offering between 30 and 60 minutes of fire resistance.

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