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CLM Fireproofing is a market-leading passive fire protection company with a comprehensive range of services, including firestopping and penetration sealing. Our firestopping specialists work with clients to implement a fully compliant fire safety strategy so they can adhere to regulations, minimise damage to buildings and protect the lives of occupants.

Industry-Leading Fire Stopping Services

Fire stopping is one of CLM Fireproofing's primary passive fire protection services. This involves inspecting building compartments, joints, pipes and ducts to identify whether or not they adhere to rigorous fire safety standards. We work with fastidious attention to detail, drawing on our expert knowledge of building compliance. With our years of experience in the construction industry, we also consider basic functions such as acoustic ratings and thermal properties as part of a robust passive fire protection system. Our clients have peace of mind knowing they are implementing effective fire protection solutions, as well as ensuring the correct installation of key structural features.

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    Fully-Compliant Penetration Sealing Systems

    Major construction projects utilise a wide range of third-party specialists for the provision of basic services such as electricity, plumbing and broadband. For these services to be installed, teams will create service penetrations in walls, floors and ceiling voids. This will often involve the passage of wires, pipes and ventilation ducts through compartment walls or floors.

    It is critical that any gaps or openings caused by service penetrations are protected using an acrylic sealant. Otherwise, the smallest amount of air leakage can allow flames and smoke to spread throughout a building. Our team uses penetration seals as part of a fully-compliant fire stopping strategy, reinforcing building elements and containing the spread of fire for enhanced risk management.

    Fire Stopping for Compartmentation

    Compartmentation is a critical aspect of fire safety design, and our team conduct compartmentation surveys to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Any non-compliant service penetrations can jeopardise compartmentation systems, so we scrutinise varying structural elements, including walls, roof voids and cavity barriers.

    Based on our years of experience and subject matter expertise, we can strengthen fire resistance and rectify instances of non-compliance. We offer an array of products and solutions for fire stopping and penetration sealing, including barriers, sealants, putty pads, calcium silicate boards and batts. We maintain close relationships with product manufacturers so we can consistently recommend the best solution for fully-compliant fire stopping.

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    Fire Protection Compliance Surveys

    We are regularly hired by leading construction companies to carry out professional fire risk surveys. Our team operates with high standards of professionalism, with the ability to quickly identify non-compliant installations and make specialist recommendations, including fire stopping and penetration sealing.

    We play a vital role in improving standards across the fire protection industry. Clive Miles, our founder and Chairman, also Chairs the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP). We are also accredited by FIRAS, a certification body that is highly regarded in the structural fire protection industry. Finally, we offer Continued Professional Development (CPD) to project managers, building owners and site teams, helping us spread knowledge on passive fire protection best practice.

    Expert Project Management and Procurement

    At CLM Fireproofing, we pride ourselves on not only our technical expertise but our ability to manage major commercial projects. We look to engage clients as early in the project timeline as possible, helping us to cater to their unique needs. This allows us to suggest appropriate timescales, select quality products and ultimately deliver market-leading passive fire protection solutions on time and within budget for full building compliance.

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