Fire Risk Surveys

Founded 35 years ago, CLM Fireproofing is a leading provider of passive fire safety risk surveys. Our team are thorough and meticulous in their surveys of commercial and residential properties, helping clients comply with the latest fire safety regulations.

Experts in Fire Protection Compliance

Our team acts as an independent third party, and will always remain impartial in both our surveys and recommendations. We will work with clients so they obtain an in-depth understanding of building regulations and legal requirements, and can therefore implement the right remedial actions. Everything we do is informed by a sound knowledge of fire safety law. Our CEO, Clive Miles, belongs to the Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP), so we remain at the forefront of compliance, innovation and service delivery.

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    Professional Fire Risk Surveys

    CLM Fireproofing has a broad roster of clients and has worked on some of the UK’s most iconic and complex buildings. As well as conducting in-depth risk surveys on commercial premises, we have a specialist remedial division for social housing. We work with councils and local authorities to ensure that residential blocks of flats are protected from a variety of structural fire risks. Our operatives work quickly and professionally when reviewing fire safety measures. We are also sensitive to the needs of building owners and tenants, especially with regards to safeguarding vulnerable people from potential risks.

    Our team is well-versed in conducting passive fire surveys, so clients can have peace of mind that their building or construction project complies fully with the latest industry regulations. Each survey will conclude with a professional report that summarises the adequacy of escape routes, the integrity of various structural elements and what remedial measures are necessary to reduce risk of injury, protect buildings and ensure compliance.

    Compartmentation Surveys

    Compartmentation surveys are vital to our work in raising the bar on fire protection compliance. Regular inspections of compartmentation systems could, for instance, reveal service penetrations in a compartmentation system that may exacerbate the spread of flames and smoke. These are often left by third-party contractors when installing wires, pipes and ducts. Surveys may also detect the use of non-compliant materials such as pink foam. It is therefore important for a compartmentation survey to be conducted following the completion of building renovations.

    Our compartmentation surveys involve a thorough inspection of all potential sources of airflow. All works and recommendations will be rigorously documented using BORIS, our compliance management platform. By creating detailed reports for clients and a resultant scope of work, we can ensure a clear audit trail for passive fire surveys, in adherence to the golden thread approach.

    Seamless Fire Risk Management

    We can be brought on board at any stage in a project to provide a thorough passive fire protection survey and help create an emergency plan that mitigates or resolves any identified risks. Our experienced team works efficiently alongside responsible persons, site teams and third-party contractors, so our inspections cause minimal disruption to project delivery.

    We want our clients to have full visibility on our compliance projects. We utilise BORIS, our compliance management technology, as well as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to create a clear and auditable paper trail for all completed works, in line with the golden thread. This uses real-time project tracking to create an in-depth digital report, so that all relevant informational is made transparent and accessible.

    Professional Guidance and Development

    CLM Fireproofing utilises a wide range of services, helping clients implement a thorough remedial action plan following their fire risk survey. With an extensive network of vendors and manufacturers, we can also assist with quality product and services procurement. Finally, site teams, managers and contractors can benefit from expert advice, Continued Professional Development (CPD) and passive fire safety training, as part of our mission to raise the bar on industry best practice and help comply with current fire safety legislation.

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