CLM Fireproofing continually invests in innovation and technology, giving clients real-time visibility on all compliance projects in line with the golden thread approach.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative, multidisciplinary process with an extended reach across the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries.

Software platforms such as Revit, AutoCAT and ArchiCAD have been relied on by industry professionals to facilitate the BIM process. They allow users to create, manage and exchange intelligent data in adherence with the golden thread approach.

BIM maximises efficiency across various design and engineering, construction, operation and maintenance processes, be they related to decision-making or on-site installations. This can enhance project management and increase profitability by saving money on waste, extraneous manpower and any trade conflicts.

We believe the adoption of BIM in passive fire protection allows CLM and its clients to deliver greater efficiencies, improved compliance levels and greater protection of human life and building assets.

3D Modelling

3D modelling for design coordination ensures that effective MEP installations and effective firestopping solutions co-exist within the model; all before a single worker steps on site.

Quality & Compliance

Our plug-in can assess individual firestopping scenarios, acknowledging its unique design and installation considerations – even accessibility conditions – for utmost quality and compliance delivery.

Pre-approval of Installations

Compliant installations (successful simulations) will be marked with a QR code in the model. On-site, our operatives will mark the installation with the same QR code to cross-reference design and construction.

Digitalisation of Handover

Our clash-detection fixes and simulation results are rigorously documented every step of the way, producing our Handover Report. This contains all of our firestopping installations with their respective revisions and justifications.


Central to our operations is OneTrace, an innovative compliance management software that allows for the meticulous recording and tracking of projects in real time.

Our operations and management teams are equipped with OneTrace-enabled smart devices which are used to log on-site/mobile installations, as well as all Health and Safety forms. Every client is issued with a unique login that allows them to view project progress, and access verified documentation to fully comply with current fireproofing regulations.

Intuitive, transparent & informative

“Having been introduced to CLM’s technology platform, OneTrace. I am pleased to say, that our experience of the system is very positive. It’s intuitive, transparent and informative and very importantly, offers full visibility via a real-time portal for immediate quality and performance reviews.”

Technical Manager   •   Hyde

Online Data

All project information including quality and audit checks, H&S documentation and installation details are stored in one place. Using a unique login, clients can access everything they need online.

Real-time Recording

The OneTrace platform enables our operatives to record all installations in real-time. Not only does this allow clients to have full visibility on projects, but it also permits us to carry out quality and compliance inspections in line with both the golden thread and our own 5-step competency framework.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our operatives is of paramount importance to us, and is tracked and monitored through the OneTrace platform. Clients can see that all operatives have read and accepted their site-specific risk assessments, as well as all relevant COSHH data and material safety information.

Secure Area Handovers

All handovers of completed projects are managed and stored effectively through the OneTrace platform. Clients have access to quality assurance reports and digitally marked-up drawings for regulatory purposes, as well as all site-specific data recorded throughout the project.

CLM are compliant with the golden thread, from BIM in predesign to digital record-keeping of all site activity. This ensures our works are auditable, transparent and accessible.

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