Fire Compliance Plus

Fire Compliance Plus provides impartial, client-focused consulting on all matters related to fire protection compliance.

The fireproofing industry is undergoing a period of significant change, with increased legislation for developers and managers to adhere to. Fire Compliance Plus works to make sure all installers, practitioners and specialists are operating in full compliance with the latest regulatory standards.

Our compliance management services help organisations avoid the serious issues arising from non-adherence with fire safety regulations. Upon the completion of a fire risk assessment, we work closely with all of our clients throughout the design and build process, resulting in processes that assure clients of their building’s safety and compliance.

The consequences of non-compliance

With increased legislation coming from the UK government (such as the Fire Safety Bill 2019-2021), it’s never been more important to fully comply with fire safety regulations for buildings. Failure to do so can lead to a multitude of problems for developers, including:

Unsafe buildings

Non-compliant buildings, whether commercial or residential, can prevent safe escape in the event of a fire, posing a risk to the health and lives of their occupants.

Reputational damage

With fireproofing high in the public’s awareness post-Grenfell, organisations risk serious reputational damage for non-compliance with building regulations.

Increased cost

The cost of organising and installing passive fire protection measures is far less than potential costs (both direct and indirect) following fire damage.

Personal liability

Without a sufficient level of protection or appropriate fireproofing measures in place, organisations may be held liable for fire damage.

Lack of compliance

Even where organisations have implemented fireproofing measures, their documentation may not be verifiable or in line with industry best practice and legislation.

In order to comprehensively assess and improve the fireproofing measures of organisations, we follow a clear process which is fully documented at every stage using BORIS, our innovative compliance software.

  • Engagement
  • Compliance Review
  • Product and System Install
  • Review
  • Project Delivery
  • Full Project Handover

Recorded evidence of compliant and non-compliant installations

Correct use of intumescent graphite

Correctly applied intumescent mastic

Correctly installed pipe collar

Incorrect use of intumescent graphite

Incorrectly installed pipe collar

Incorrectly applied intumescent mastic

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