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CLM Fireproofing, in collaboration with AS Blasting and Coatings, provides a range of grit blasting services. Our professional steel surface preparation means we can guarantee the long-lasting performance of intumescent paint. Our services are carried out by skilled operatives with minimal site disruption, bringing projects to efficient completion.

What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting (also referred to as media blasting) is the projection of media onto a substrate using air propelled technology. This helps to create a new surface profile to be treated, free of contaminants with an enhanced surface finish. Grit blasting is one aspect of shot blasting, and we offer a variety of grit blasting methods. During the quotation stage, we study each job to determine which exact process is required. We consider multiple factors, including site conditions and the specific materials being removed.

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    Most surface shot blasting methods are done using a dry process using environmentally-friendly media – many practitioners will be familiar with the term ‘dry grit blasting.’ Dry methods reduce the need for additional surface preparation prior to the paint application. However, there may be times when a water-suppressed blasting system (such as vapour blasting) is required. This is usually when there is a chance other blasting operations will create airborne dust, which can affect other works carried out on the site. In this instance, the water or vapour particles act as an additional barrier for the abrasive media, preserving the blasted surface.

    AS Blasting and Coatings and CLM Fireproofing takes pride in implementing tailor-made blasting methodologies, ensuring a safe and efficient on-site environment.

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