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What is the Main Objective of Compartmentation?

One of the biggest risks in a fire is the spread of smoke and toxic gases. If not handled correctly, any attempt to evacuate a building will be hindered by the spread of smoke. Airflow between doors and rooms can push flames and smoke throughout a building. This is called the ‘chimney effect’. Compartmentation aims to mitigate this effect, controlling the spread for a prescribed period of time.

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For compartmentation to be successful, all potential sources of airflow must be protected using fire-resistant materials. This includes joints and rafters, pipes, air ducts, and ceiling voids. Compartment walls and floors should also be installed for parts of buildings that serve separate purposes. For instance, offices for different companies as part of a business complex.

Compartment solutions must be reviewed regularly in case of any inadvertent breaches. These breaches can be found in cavity barriers, joint seals, and penetration seals. Regardless of size, any breach in a compartment will render it ineffective against the chimney effect.

Often, third party contractors such as plumbers or electricians can unknowingly compromise fire compartments. CLM Fireproofing will conduct thorough inspections of fire compartments, swiftly identifying and rectifying any breaches.

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