What is FIRAS Accreditation?

Active and passive fire protection companies can gain third party certification via the FIRAS scheme. These companies are awarded certification if they can show an outstanding commitment to best practice, compliance, and client satisfaction. The FIRAS accreditation scheme has worked to actively improve compliance and installation standards since 1994. This not only benefits clients, but helps improve processes within the construction industry.

Requirements for FIRAS accreditations were developed in consultation with a number of regulatory bodies, including the Association of Specialist Fire Protection.

FIRAS certified companies must conduct regular audits, showing that all installers, supervisors and technicians are not only competent in their respective fields but that their work remains 100% compliant with industry standards. Operatives are also regularly assessed by FIRAS inspectors, which can include inspections of their installation work. This ensures that every aspect of their work is of the highest possible quality.

The FIRAS Accreditation Register

The FIRAS register contains the details of all certified fire protection companies, as required by the FIRAS scheme. These companies are subject to regular accreditation checks, to ensure that they remain compliant with industry standards. Companies on this register are approved by several trade associations, assuring clients that all fire protection solutions will be installed and maintained to the best possible standards.

How to become FIRAS accredited

FIRAS accreditation is awarded to companies rather than individuals. To become certified, companies must make an application via the FIRAS database. There are three parts to FIRAS’ assessment process:

  • Review of office management systems
  • Assessment of on-site workmanship for the specific trade discipline the company wishes to be certified for
  • All installers and supervisors must undergo a competency assessment

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