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CLM Fireproofing specialise in fire remediation work for commercial and residential buildings across the private and public sectors. Over the last 35 years, we’ve gained a reputation for market-leading fire protection, in full compliance with the latest industry standards. We employ a team of FIRAS-certified specialists, with every single one taking proactive responsibility for improving fire protection standards. We balance highly-technical work with a compassionate approach to resident safety, and this is particularly evident in our work in social housing.

Certified Industry Experts

We work in adherence to ASFP best practice guidelines to ensure all contracted buildings are 100% compliant. We continually upskill our operatives with regular updates on the latest products, improvement measures and testing methods. We ensure every client has full visibility throughout the project. Our operatives adhere to a 5-step competency framework using Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems, as well as BORIS, a leading quality and compliance management technology platform. This includes recording on-site and mobile installations and logging all health and safety procedures, so every construction project has a clear audit trail as part of the golden thread approach.

FIRAS Certification

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    Specialists in Fire Safety Remediation

    Over recent years there has been an increased focus on fire protection compliance in commercial and residential properties, particularly within the social housing sector. However, rather than engaging with passive fire protection specialists, some managers and building owners engage with a generic contractor or facilities management company who will then subcontract the work out.

    One of the more notable changes within the market is the sharp increase in fireproofing packages being let as specialist lots rather than as part of a larger service remit. This is due to the increase in demand for remedial works on new, occupied buildings, and is done to ensure that the specialist gets it right, first time. As a result of this demand, CLM have undergone a transformation program and have launched a specialist remedial division headed by our in-house Remedial Projects Lead.

    Fully-Compliant Compartmentation and Fire Stopping

    It is often during general upgrades, including mechanical and electrical installations, that fire compartment breaches or inadequate compartmentation is identified. Rectifying non-compliant installations requires specialist expertise, and CLM has years of experience in remediating substandard compartmentation and fire stopping.

    As a company, we have direct contact with a multitude of manufacturers who will provide us with details and building materials for almost any compartmentation works we may come across. We will always take the extra mile to assure our clients that installations are 100% compliant, drawing on a wealth of collective experience as well as engaging directly with compliance specialists.

    All identified and repaired breaches are photographed, recorded and clearly marked on BORIS indicating the method of fire stopping or sealing, as well as the exact material used. Our proactive approach to remediation projects leads to compliant installs, sequencing of work planning and collaboration between trades to create robust, auditable solutions and reduce future remediation costs.

    Expert Compartmentation

    Fire Door Installation and Dry Lining

    Fire doors are fundamental for residential and commercial premises. However, they are often critically overlooked, being used regularly outside of safety drills or evacuations. Residents and leaseholders must remain vigilant, swiftly reporting any concerns surrounding neglect or damage. It must also be noted that as of January 2023, communal fire doors should be inspected every 3 months and Front Entrance Doors (FEDs) checked annually.

    CLM Fireproofing offer quality fire safety door installation and maintenance. We work in partnership with leading manufacturers and vendors. If a building requires an upgrade or full replacement, our team of experts will carry out work promptly and professionally. This assures all residents and building owners that their fire doors are reliable in the event of an emergency.

    Building owners may not be aware of the safety risks posed by dry-lining. If not properly fireproofed, a dry-lining system could cause smoke to spread through a building. CLM Fireproofing provide dry lining installations and repairs, so clients can rest assured that all points of entry are adequately protected in the event of a fire.

    Hyde Fire Safety Framework

    At CLM Fireproofing, our mission is to provide exemplary passive fire protection. This, coupled with our vast experience in the sector, has culminated in CLM Fireproofing securing National Firestopping Position 1 on the Hyde Framework.

    We are proud to set precedence for the efficient and effective delivery of fire protection and remediation solutions in the public sector. This is evident in our role within the Hyde Fire Safety Framework, which aims to maintain best practice, continual improvement, and consistent engagement with both tenants and leaseholders. Our customers and vendors can be confident of the following:

    • All fire protection issues will be swiftly identified and addressed to the highest standard
    • All suppliers who work with us are best-in-class in their field, with their products subject to ongoing testing
    • All installations offer clients value for money with zero compromise on safety or quality
    • All work is subject to independent review, in accordance with industry regulations

    The Pretium Framework, developed with Contracting Authority the Hyde Group, with technical input from Frankham Risk Management Services delivers quality services, best practice and assurance with an accredited supply chain.

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